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Ronald Hernandez



​Ronald Hernandez.

Born in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. Ronald is graduated in Graphic Design and Fine Arts.

"It is easier for me to tell what I am not rather than what I am. My paintings does not attempt to imitate or resemble any other major masters works. I do not paint to make decorative pieces nor does my work pursue to attract attention by means of abstract spiritual and philosophical cognitive ideas, which no one can understand.

I am passionate about observing people and capturing intimate or personal moments in my paintings.

I am interested in capturing states of mind and emotions, such as, depression, loneliness, happiness, sadness, love and privacy, these subjects are always the starting point. I do not like to label my pieces, the interpretation from the viewers, whichever way goes is always the most important for me, their interpretation fascinates me as it always going to be the result from their own experiences way of life and memories.

My paintings are no more than beings made by colours and techniques, which have personality, emotions and feelings. They converse through their body language and they are the reflection of my own life as well as of the people surrounding me".


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